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Business Strategies

InterStar has a strong and proven track record of top performance for our clients. Our secret of success stems from the ability to think and plan strategically, and follow through with skill and style.

We are known as problem solvers. We dig below the surface to gather information, identify the best opportunities and make informed decisions and recommendations that will hit the mark.

Against great odds, InterStar created the winning strategy and campaign to pass a local referendum approving a sales tax increase to fund a major horse racing track in North Texas. Now a popular and successful attraction, the track has yielded hundreds of new jobs and a high economic impact for this community.

When the world's third-busiest airport faced critical needs to expand, it was necessary to amend state law to allow the airport to move forward. Working with management, public officials and community leaders, InterStar developed strategies for a statewide campaign to build grassroots support for the airport, leading to unparalleled public support, and successful passage of the bill.

From designing corporate communications programs or innovative product promotions to creating colorful grand openings, we take common steps in our approach to meeting client goals. We listen, do our homework and think smart.

At InterStar, we know that when we find the right strategic solutions for our clients, everybody wins.