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Crisis Communication

An effective crisis communications plan can help a company manage difficult or unexpected situations and be prepared to deliver accurate information and a strong message, quickly and succinctly.

InterStar consults with many clients to address complex issues and crisis needs . We can help your company develop a plan tailored to your own individual business requirements.

Through planning and training, we will help you be prepared to deliver clear and timely information to your customers, your associates and the media. You'll know when to volunteer information and how to correct misinformation.

For more than a decade InterStar served as counsel to Dallas/Fort Worth International, the world's third-busiest airport. During this time, InterStar helped coordinate information efforts for DFW's emergency preparedness activity and many other challenging news events.

On Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorist attacks occurred, InterStar staff mobilized to DFW immediately. For the next two weeks, InterStar worked with DFW management and public affairs officials to help meet crisis information needs, including news releases, briefings and advisories, official statements and editorials, information brochures and internal communications.

Fox News Network labeled DFW Airport as the best communicating airport in the country during the 9/11 crisis, and PRWeek hailed the efforts of the airport public affairs staff and InterStar.

A wide range of clients have called on InterStar for crisis counsel and media training, from attorneys, hospital administrators and environmental managers to manufacturers and public officials.

Whether your needs include a comprehensive plan or advice on a specific issue, InterStar will help you think ahead, and be prepared.